Chimney Cleaning

A chimney is an essential component of every home with a wood-burning fireplace. A fireplace is only as effective as its chimney. Keeping it clean is important for health, since it performs multiple purposes.

Here at ABC Fire Place, we take pride in providing specialists who are both qualified and attentive to your fireplace’s needs. Your fireplace, chimney, and any associated appliances will be thoroughly inspected. They will schedule routine chimney cleanings to ensure that your specific heating system is in good working order.

You and your loved ones will feel much better once the chimney has been cleaned.

Cleaning the chimney is crucial for fireplace safety and health.

If maintained properly, a fireplace is a long-lasting addition to any home. Chimneys and fireplaces are built to last, but they still require maintenance. At ABC Fire Place, our top priority is making sure your fireplace is spotless and ready for use at all times.

Chimney Repair

Our professionals can’t clean chimneys unless they’re in good shape first. For your safety, we always check for and fix any problems with the chimney before we clean it thoroughly. If your chimney, for instance, leans to one side, we must first realign the bricks that make up the chimney before moving on to other issues.

Additional high-quality chimney repair services we offer are:

When it comes to our expertise, these services are merely the tip of the iceberg. Customized components are necessary for many of the chimneys we face. We are happy to make whatever special components your chimney needs to function properly.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimneys that are dirty, blocked, or damaged will not function properly. Additionally, dirty chimneys pose unacceptable fire risks and reduce the quality of air in your home. Fortunately, our skilled specialists have the ability to eliminate these risks.

Our chimney cleaning services are among of our most in-demand offerings.

Complete Chimney Cleaning:

Professional quality brushes with numerous cleaning heads are used by our professionals. Chimney sweeps are strategically placed every few feet to thoroughly clean the whole chimney flue.

Cleanup of coal and soot:

The flue inside your chimney can collect a lot of combustible items over time. Creosote, soot, and coal are all examples of byproducts of incompletely burned fuels. Our professionals will clean the area thoroughly, getting rid of all traces of these chemicals.

Cleaning up litter:

Flues can accumulate combustible debris from plants and animals over time. Before it can do serious damage, our cleaning services get rid of this trash.